Experience a Vetted Peer Networking Service

Dec 10, 2015
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Recently, one Wisegate member requested more information on a more economical offering in the Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) category.

Usually for this type of information, an IT professional would pursue trade shows or industry events for primary research on different vendors and solutions. Although a solid strategy, traveling and trade shows can get expensive. In this example, the member’s organization had a tight budget and traveling to these events was not an option.

The member made her request known to the Wisegate member services team and we were able to connect her with a fellow member who had already done GRC research on several vendors, which involved travel to security trade shows and research on the GRC landscape. He shared his experience and findings, thereby saving her weeks of time to compile and process information. She was able to complete the assignment on the budget she was given.

We understand IT and security professionals’ time (and budgets) must be allocated in the most efficient way possible. We strive to provide resources that are cognizant of your valuable time, so you can find what you need and feel confident tackling challenges.

Wisegate strives to connect professionals, like yourself, with peers, to help save your precious resources. Want to join the community? Apply today here, take a video tour, and reach out to us on TwitterLinkedInGoogle+, or email (membercare@wisegateit.com).

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