This Cybersecurity Status Template Helps You Speak C-Suite Language

Dec 17, 2015
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Communicating an organization’s cybersecurity status with leadership can often be daunting to IT and security professionals. This dilemma is in part due to different styles of communication and priorities amongst different departments.

Recently, Wisegate hosted a roundtable of senior-level IT and security professionals where one member shared a graphic he created to help communicate an organization’s cybersecurity status to business leaders. The security analysis template is an Excel-based matrix, which in concept is simple, but has multiple possibilities to fit the need of an organization.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 10.25.24 AM

IT and security professionals are in the hot spot to effectively communicate with business leaders. The template used to develop this matrix allows pros, like you, to demonstrate which security products are best suited against threats.

Our latest toolkit shares tips on how to create a template like this to make communicating with business leaders more straightforward. Have any additional tips you’d like to share? Be sure to reach out to us on TwitterLinkedInGoogle+, or email (

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