CISOs Discuss Best Ways to Gain Budget and Buy-in for Security

CISOs Checklist: Effective Communication & Influence

Handling a security budget is no easy task. Most security departments operate under very tight budget constraints. To complicate matters, every year there are new threats, new technologies and often, new compliance requirements. Unexpected surprises can derail even the most well thought out budget.

Like all security leaders, Wisegate CISO members face challenges communicating the value of security in business terms, winning budget approval and planning for unanticipated expenses.

In this report, you’ll find practitioner tips and advice on topics such as:

  • Determining How Much Should be Spent on InfoSec. Why CISOs aren’t using a set percentage of revenue as the determining factor for security spending any more.
  • Budget Estimation and Spending Strategies. How company culture and CISO spending philosophies impact the budgeting process.
  • 5 Tips for Winning Budget Approval. What leadership skills and selling points do CISOs leverage to master the art of obtaining security budget?

Member Quote from the Report:

“I look at what our needs are and what I think we can properly implement. That’s a key thing too because, sometimes, we get really aggressive in IT and bite off more than we can chew from a project standpoint. If we can’t implement a system properly, then there’s really no reason to even budget for that.”
—Information Security Director
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