Bridging the IT Decision Gap

Tap into an Expert Network of IT Executives for Timely, Vetted IT Security Decisions.

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The success of your IT department – and therefore, the success of your company – revolves around the decisions you make every day. Some decisions are simple, and some are complex, involving hundreds of variables.

You’re on point to set strategic goals, develop policies to implement, determine which applications to purchase or build in-house, research hardware to procure, and select team members to hire or let go, to name a few.

Working directly with your peers via Wisegate can help you bridge the decision gap, and avoid common pitfalls:

  • Lack of Trust. Finding relevant information that you can trust can be daunting. Sifting through takes time, and what you do find is often only partially relevant to the decision you need to make.
  • Lack of Proof. Even if you find good, trusted and reliable information about a decision, there is nothing like validation that you are headed in the right direction and not reinventing the wheel.
  • Lack of Expertise. Your team simply may not have the experience needed for you to feel confident about the choices you have to make.

Excerpt from the Report:

“On average, executives make 136 decisions per week. Half of those decisions are made in less than ten minutes, and fewer than 10% get an hour or more of consideration. The incredible pace leads to one of two results: rushed decisions that are not carefully considered, or decisions made with incomplete information.”
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