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Justifying Your IT Budget

When it comes to a strong security program, one of the most fundamental resources IT and security professionals need to be successful is money. But increasing a security budget isn't as easy as one may hope, even with security being a vital part of business. As most IT and security professionals know, business often operates on a lean security program that needs to do more with less. In a recent Wisegate roundtable of vetted IT and security professionals, we were able to gain insights on how to justify your IT budget successfully.

By downloading the "Justifying Your IT Budget" Kit, you will be able to:

  • Ensure leadership understands security needs for the business
  • Foster relationships instead of leveraging fear
  • Clearly demonstrate the return on investment
  • Develop soft-skills in persuasion, and more

Download the Kit

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  • How do you restrict access to and from Tor?
  • We're putting together a strategy around information assurance at our organization. What are your key factors to consider, common pit falls to avoid and best practices?
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  • What method(s) does your organization use to identify its most critical assets in order to apply the appropriate attention and controls?
  • I'm interested in a model or questionnaire that you can share.
  • I'm evaluating the security risks of Office 365, can you help? For financial institutions that are using office 365, are you storing sensitive documents on Microsoft's servers?
  • What tools can we use to restrict dictionary words from being used in a password in Active Directory?
  • What's your organization's policy around password managers for all end users? Do you know of any legal, audit and other issues surrounding the of use password managers? If so, how are you handling them?
  • What is Your Policy Regarding Intelligent Personal Assistants?
  • In your organization, what team(s) is responsible for the management of IDM and Web SSO solutions?
  • Wisegate will be launching a series of calls around metrics September 25th. Help us build the conversation by answering one of these: What's one challenge you're facing today around metrics? What would be helpful to hear in a conversation around metrics?
Live Research — Live, interactive calls covering Infosec & IT issues and peer discussions

Upcoming Live Research (membership required)

10/2:Ramping Up a Security Program | Peer-2-Peer
10/7:CIO Leadership Series: Your Next ReOrg: Be the Architect - Not the Victim | Roundtable
10/21:Performing Security Assessments | Roundtable
10/23:Professionalization of InfoSec: Comparing to Other Industries | Roundtable
10/28:Assessing and Managing Vulnerabilities in Web Applications
10/30:The Identity of Things
11/6:Risk Maturity Models

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A Wisegate member had created a digital loss plan over a three-year window, and his company then experienced a breach in Asia. The three-year timeline was compressed and immediate action was required to implement tools, create policy, and develop an exception process, which was needed to prevent employees from writing data to external drives and devices.

The member used Wisegate's polls to collect information from like-minded professionals on their experience and solutions. The results enabled his team to save time, specifically in drafting policy and an exception process. Additionally, member feedback helped anticipate potential problems in their policy and processes that he otherwise might not have contemplated, and more importantly, before they became issues with the executive team. The member was able to look good in front of his bosses by addressing the issues before they surfaced, including DLP, digital loss, USB, and breach.

Everyone wants to look good in front of executives. You can too!

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