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Have you explored Wisegate's latest toolkits? Discover IT tips and resources inspired by Wisegate's members—from learning how to successfully communicate risks to the C-suite to gaining perspective about the evolution of IT security as an industry. These resources were created for IT pros, like yourself, to provide quick answers for questions regarding careers and company challenges.

Geek Speak for the C-Suite

Justifying Your IT Security Budget

Priming New Security Talent for Leadership Roles

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Wisdom and insights from inside the gate

Wisegate Keeps IT Pros in the Know: Office 365 - One of the best aspects of being involved in Wisegate's community is the ability to gain perspective on pressing topics that keep CISOs and CSOs up at night. Authentic conversations are happening between some of the most experienced IT and security professionals in the industry, and whether they work in…
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In This Cybersecurity Skills Shortage, Learn to Train New Talent - IT and security professionals are increasingly faced with challenges resulting from an industry-wide cyber security skills shortage. It's difficult to find and extensively train new candidates, who often arrive with a wide variety of backgrounds and skills. Business, and your team, need the talent now so your team can remain…
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Top Wisegate Member Discussions

  • When presenting to the board which Cyber metrics would you recommend?
  • What are your thoughts on McAfee's Next Gen Firewall and IPS. How does it compare to Palo Alto, SourceFire and CheckPoint?
  • How soon (if ever) do you expect to upgrade to, or install, Windows 10 on your company networks?
  • I'm evaluating the security risks of Office 365, can you help?
  • Where do you stand backdoors in encryption for law enforcement?
  • Which secure email gateways do you recommend?
  • What next-generation firewall are you using today? I'm also interested in knowing what factors led you to choose that solution.
  • Is anybody blocking entire countries from accessing their websites, etc.?  I understand the futility of this approach but have an executive management
  • request and am curious if anybody actually does it.
  • What method(s) does your organization use to identify its most critical assets in order to apply the appropriate attention and controls? I'm interested in a model or questionnaire that you can share.
  • We're putting together a strategy around information assurance at our organization. What are your key factors to consider, common pit falls to avoid and best practices?
  • When pushing increased end user security, how do you approach testers and developers who have to install applications under test?  It's difficult to take away admin rights, but still allow them to install test applications.  Any thoughts?

Upcoming Live Research, Roundtables & Events

Live Research – Live, interactive calls covering Infosec & IT issues and peer discussions

Upcoming Live Research (membership required)

10/30: The Identity of Things | Roundtable
11/6: Optmizing Information Security Maturity | Roundtable
11/13: High Level Cloud Brokerage
11/18: Assessing and Managing Vulnerabilities in Web Applications
11/20: Shop Talk: Cyber Ark

Wisegate in the News

Articles about Wisegate, our Leadership and Influential Members

Wisegate Shows How To Align Security and Business Strategy at Dallas SecureWorld

On October 28, Wisegate shared best practices on creating and executing a formal security strategy at Dallas SecureWorld, a cybersecurity conference taking place tomorrow and Thursday in the Plano Centre.

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New Growth Won't Match

Wisegate CEO and founder, Sara Gates, shares inspiring stories on how new growth doesn't always match. Take a look on how gardening supplies her life with metaphors that fulfill a greater picture.

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Member Stories

Success stories and feedback from the mouths of our members

We love hearing feedback on how Wisegate is helping you and how we can improve. Here's a story we heard recently about how Wisegate helps you anticipate business challenges:


A Wisegate member held a belief that a trend was unfolding for the role of the CISO, but didn't have the data for back up in presenting a case to his organization. By vetting the hypothesis with a question and posting it to the member base, he was able to get feedback and move forward with his predictions. His hypothesis preceded a member poll, which provided validated data, and equipped him to make a strong case to management. The trustworthy data helped support his assertion and he was awarded with a promotion and greater responsibility.

Have a story to share? Let us know!

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