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New Wisegate Member-Based Research

Have you seen the Wisegate latest toolkits? Don't miss out on getting IT tips and resources inspired by Wisegate members—from learning how to successfully communicate risks to the C-suite and gaining perspective about the evolution of IT security as an industry, these resources can help IT pros get quick answers for their careers and company challenges.

Navigating Cloud Service Challenges

In a recent Wisegate Roundtable, Andrew Keating from Internet2 shared perspective on the advantages and barriers of universities shifting to the cloud. Many Wisegate members took what experiences Andrew shared from the higher-ed perspective and were able to apply them to their own organizations.

In Wisegate's latest toolkit, "Navigating Cloud Service Challenges," learn:

  • How the cloud can accommodate for burst periods within your organization
  • The importance of understanding cloud contracts and conditions
  • Steps to overcome challenges and move your organization forward, and more.
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Priming New Security Talent for Leadership Roles

In This Cybersecurity Skills Shortage, Learn to Train New Talent

IT and security professionals are increasingly faced with challenges resulting from an industry-wide cyber security skills shortage. It's difficult to find and extensively train new candidates, who often arrive with a wide variety of backgrounds and skills. Business, and your team, need the talent now so your team can remain focused on threats.
In a recent roundtable, Wisegate members offered personal anecdotes of how they successfully selected and trained new talent. In Wisegate's latest toolkit, "Priming New Security Talent for Leadership Roles," you can learn:

  • To identify students at local colleges and universities for internships and future careers
  • Tips for working with new talent
  • Finding the right mentee for your company, and more.
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From Our Blog

Wise up with Wisegate Insights: Meet Stephani Williams, Director of Member Services - In our next blog series, we are highlighting a few of the people who make Wisegate an amazing company to work with: our team members. We recently met with Wisegate's director of member services, Stephani Williams, to get the latest insights on Wisegate and her experience serving senior-level IT security pros who are in the trenches working to solve the industry's most pressing issues.

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Urgent Advice: When Your Peers are Your Greatest Lifeline - Who Wants to be a Millionaire? was one of America's most popular game shows, and one of the best player advantages was "phone a friend," which could solve your biggest problem just by connecting with the right person. Similarly, Wisegate's social matching technologies connect IT and security professionals to their peers, and lets members schedule a peer call so they can speak with someone who has knowledge and advice that can answer their most pressing needs. We recently received insight into how a peer call made the Wisegate membership worthwhile for one member.

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Wisegate Member of the Month

John Oborn

CIO, Niagra Frontier Transportation Authority

We invited John Oborn to visit the Wisegate offices and tell us about his experience with Wisegate. See what he had to say in his our latest member highlight video.

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Wisegate Network Buzz

Top Searches in the Wisegate Community

What's Trending in November

  • Acceptable use policy
  • Info sec standards
  • Mdm
  • USB
  • Dell Secureworks
  • Remote offices
  • SIEM

Top Wisegate Member Discussions

  • How soon (if ever) do you expect to upgrade to, or install, Windows 10 on your company networks?
  • Where do you stand backdoors in encryption for law enforcement?
  • What is Your Policy Regarding Intelligent Personal Assistants?
  • What next-generation firewall are you using today? I'm also interested in knowing what factors led you to choose that solution.
  • If you had to choose a firewall vendor today, who would you choose? (Comments as to why would also be helpful!)
  • Are pay grades between employees in Security different from those in IT, Risk or Compliance?
  • Is it ever acceptable for private organizations to hack back?
  • Should companies enforce ad blocking?
  • Of the three core ERP modules (hr, finance, and student) which was the first module you deployed?
  • What is the future for Safe Harbor and EU PII?
  • Where is your DLP queue management positioned in the organization? Is it decentralized with the business areas responsible for monitoring and follow-up or centrally managed within Info Security or other area?
  • Will EMV require new security controls?
  • How do you restrict access to and from Tor?
  • How soon after a breach should you disclose?
  • Is CISA going to be good or bad for security?
  • How are you handling PCI compliance for your voice network?
  • Apart from your incident response plan, what capabilities do you have to help mitigate DDoS attacks?
  • Will XCodeGhost affect your BYOD policy?
  • Does your company allow access to personal email (gmail, yahoo, verizon, etc.) for employees/contractors on the corporate network?
  • Where do you stand on US access to Microsoft's foreign PII?
  • What percentage of inbound email do you block as SPAM?
  • Which secure email gateways do you recommend?

Upcoming Live Research, Roundtables & Events

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Friday 12/4: Is CISA Good or Bad for Security? | Pulse
Friday, 12/11: Value of Security Certifications | Pulse
Friday 1/15: Innovations in Security | Roundtable

Wisegate in the News

CISOs Learn 5 Tough Lessons About Conveying Security Risks

Stacy Collett, CSO contributor, had the opportunity to interview Wisegate members along with Wisegate's VP and editor-in-chief, Elden Nelson to discuss tough lessons that CISOs face when presenting risks and solutions to the board and to C-Suite executives. The article has appeared in other IDG publications including CIO and NetworkWorld.

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A Revolution Will Happen: IAM Proprietary vs. Cloud

Kevin Townsend shares an analysis of Wisegate's peer-driven research in Information Security Buzz. The article discusses insights and thoughts on the current state of IAM maturity within business.

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Out of Your Control: Phishing Detection and Prevention

Recently Wisegate held a roundtable discussion on the topic of phishing. Kevin Townsend provides insight to Information Security Buzz on what Wisegate's members have to say about user awareness and improved technology to successfully detect and prevent phishing.

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