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A Guide for Developing an IT Security Strategy for Your Company
Nearly 100 percent of polled Wisegate members say their current security strategy is not fully mature, yet 100 percent of companies need a formal IT security strategy in place. To help demystify how to develop a security strategy tailored for your company, we've developed a complete guide that includes a tip sheet, a presentation you can modify that makes the case for developing an IT security strategy, and a formal IT security strategy template that you can use to create your own strategy document.

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Malware and Data Breaches: Combatting the Biggest Threat
In a recent study regarding the current state of security risks and controls in business today, Wisegate uncovered an enlightening fact: CISOs consider malware and sensitive data breaches to be their top risk. Thanks to BYOD and cloud adoption, there's no way to keep all data in a controlled environment, so CISOs have turned from pure prevention methods to including "detection" as a key initiative. Learn what they are doing and why in this Wisegate Drill-Down report.

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  • Anyone using Wombat Security for Security Awareness? Thoughts?
  • What are your timeline SLAs for deployment of security patches?
  • What tools are you using to track and report on compliance and remediation issues? What has been your experience with them?
  • CISO Challenges
  • What are your top priorities for 2015?
  • Tools for Researching a URL
  • I'm looking for a laptop encryption and backup solution that is easy roll out, implement, and maintain on a limited budget. What solutions would you recommend?
  • IT Security Manager Interview
  • UserID or System Identity - What do you use?
  • How does your organization approach data de-identification today?
  • What is the percentage of applications in your environment that are considered 'regulated'?
  • What do you guys use for security awareness training, if you don't have an on-premise Learning Management System? Please also provide your comments based on the vendor's capability in providing additional material, doing phishing campaigns etc..
  • Can you please share which enterprise security framework you adopted?
  • Higher Level Technical Training Recommendation?
  • Security concerns when using Microsoft Lync across the Internet
  • With phishing attacks on the rise, how do you identify whether the email was authored internally or externally?
  • What is your process with regards to retaining hard drive data for employees that have left the organization?
  • Does anyone have an IAM vendor assessment template? We're looking to evaluate a number of companies and want to stack them up against each other.
  • What security architecture framework have you adopted?
  • What function is responsible for establishing and maintaining the systems development lifecycle (SDLC) process within your company?
Live Research — Live, interactive calls covering Infosec & IT issues and peer discussions

May Wisegate Live Research Roundtables (membership required)

  • 7/10/15 - CIO Leadership Series: IT Performance Metrics

  • The Critical Security Controls: Status, Success Stories and Future

  • CIO Leadership Series: Strategy vs. Strategic Plan

  • Advancing Information Risk Practices Highlights (from RSA)

  • CIO Leadership Series: Aligning IT with Business Goals

  • Priming New Talent for Leadership Roles in Security

June Wisegate Live Research Roundtables (membership required)

  • Shop Talk: Palo Alto Networks

  • 7/17/15 - Crisis Management

IT: Forget the Device, Secure the Data

We surveyed hundreds of senior-level IT leaders to assess the current state of security risks and controls in business toady. Results showed us that CISOs are using a new category of security controls to secure data. Our Editor-in-Chief, Elden Nelson, shares these tactics in CSO.

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CISO Speaking Business' Language — don't become a headless messenger

Business and Security are two separate breeds, divided by motivations, methods and above all, language. But while Business does not need Security to do its job, Security cannot function without Business support. For this reason alone, it is Security that must master the foreign language. An essential part of a CISO's job is to explain

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IAM: Proprietary Vs Cloud

Wisegate will shortly publish the results of a survey into the current state of Identity and Access Management (IAM) maturity within business. Almost 150 CISOs took part. What we're going to look at today is attitudes towards identity and the cloud. Surprisingly perhaps, use of the cloud to store and provision user credentials is still

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New Info Kit: How Are Your Peers Addressing Top Security Risks? Members say that executive management is leaning heavily on their IT teams to implement programs that address security risks. To find out more about this complicated priority, we hosted a survey to learn how senior IT professionals are pinpointing, addressing and communicating top security concerns to their teams and board members. We took what we learned an packaged it into an easy-to-download toolkit for you...Read More »
Phishing, Fraud and Breaches. What's Next? - In June, the cybersecurity world celebrated Internet Safety Month, a digital campaign to spread awareness about cybercrime and share tips to make surfing the Internet a little safer. Wisegate participated in the National Cyber Security Alliance Twitter chat about Internet Safety Month and shared tips on how IT leaders can spread the word on safe internet habits... Read More »

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Chris Kellogg
Director, Controls, Governance, Risk Management
DynCorp International

We invited Chris to visit the Wisegate offices and tell us about his experience with Wisegate. See what he had to say in his Q&A with CEO Sara Gates.

See What Other Members Have to Say

We love hearing feedback on how Wisegate is helping you and how it can get better. Here's a story we heard recently about how Wisegate provides talent management advice:


Recruiting, hiring, promoting, and retaining talent can be tough in any industry, particularly for IT professionals. One of Wisegate's members from the public sector was facing challenges with talent management in an environment where budgetary restrictions only seemed to get more burdensome. Knowing that his challenges were not limited to his industry, Wisegate's Member Services arranged a roundtable call that included peers from the public sector, as well other industries, including financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing. Not only did the member take comfort in knowing he was not alone, he left the call with practical suggestions to implement:

  • Staff in strategic planning in lieu of promotion
  • Target local universities and college graduates
  • Promote all the benefits of a role including location, culture, and flexibility
  • Host vendor fairs in lieu of training and sign employees up for all free training available
  • Implement exit interviews to learn why people are leaving their positions and utilize the information in upcoming budgetary plans with executive management
Whether it's talent management, strategy development, or building soft-skills, Wisegate provides the resources for members to get the information they need, when they need it.

Have a story or feedback you'd like to share with us? Let us know!
Wisegate connects peers, hosts virtual roundtables, and produces and analyzes customized research, surveys, and more, offering IT leaders the quickest path to answers and decisions. With Wisegate, IT leaders create and implement tried-and-true strategies, ramp up programs, select technologies, manage teams and achieve their goals – at a fraction of the cost.

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