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New Wisegate Member-Based Research

Have you seen the Wisegate latest toolkits? Don't miss out on getting IT tips and resources inspired by Wisegate members—from learning how to successfully communicate risks to the C-suite and gaining perspective about the evolution of IT security as an industry, these resources can help IT pros get quick answers for their careers and company challenges.

BYOD Policy Checklist

At Wisegate, we've found that BYOD is still a major hot button issue among senior IT professionals. Our members continue to post questions and poll each other to share BYOD insights and shed light on what their respective organizations are doing. While they don't have all the answers (yet), they have made considerable progress in determining policies and selecting device management products that work for their own organizations.

A Wisegate member and healthcare-industry enterprise security VP shared a BYOD policy template that has been implemented at his company successfully, and from this, we've extracted 10 must-have clauses in every BYOD policy.

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Navigating Cloud Service Challenges

In a recent Wisegate Roundtable, Andrew Keating from Internet2 shared perspective on the advantages and barriers of universities shifting to the cloud. Many Wisegate members took what experiences Andrew shared from the higher-ed perspective and were able to apply them to their own organizations.

In Wisegate's latest toolkit, "Navigating Cloud Service Challenges," learn:

  • How the cloud can accommodate for burst periods within your organization
  • The importance of understanding cloud contracts and conditions
  • Steps to overcome challenges and move your organization forward, and more.

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Wisegate Keeps IT Pros in the Know: Office 365

For the past four months, Office 365 has maintained its position on the hot topic leaderboard — but what happens after the search and what types of tools are assisting Wisegate members in solving their pressing issues regarding Office 365?

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Security Analysis Template

Wisegate members often discuss the challenges of presenting information to the C-Suite. For many IT and security professionals, sharing insights into their respective department can be daunting. However, there is one medium that is commonly understood by both parties: graphics.

In a recent roundtable discussion, one Wisegate member shared a color-coded, security analysis template to help facilitate a conversation concerning an organizations' cybersecurity status. The simple checklist can easily be tweaked and changed based on your organization's needs.

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From Our Blog

Three Tips on How to Argue a Case for Hiring a CISO — Recently, Wisegate's member services organized a Peer-to-Peer call between two members. One member left the conversation with three tips to help advocate the position for CISO at his organization.

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Hot Right Now: IT Pros Question Role of CISO and Safe Harbor Agreement — What topics are trending in Wisegate's community of senior-level IT professionals? According to Wisegate's December newsletter CISOs and data sharing were the hot topics of conversation.

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SOC Compliance Nightmare: How One Wisegate Member Fast Tracked the Learning Curve — A Wisegate member was able to fast-track answers and get the information needed to learn and apply the SOC 2 requirements to their organization and meet a compliance deadline. This blog is just one example of the many ways Wisegate helps IT pros connect, to get the answers they need, when they need it.

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More From our Blog

Wisegate Member of the Month

This security veteran is a passionate contributor to Wisegate's growing community. Currently serving as Do It Best Corp,'s virtual information security officer, O'Hara's security experience is broad, including governance, risk assessment, compliance, cloud security, and security architecture.

Brian O'Hara

Virtual Information Security Officer,
Do it Best Corp

Learn how a Wisegate member sees how to have productive conversations with C-level executives in this exclusive interview.

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Wisegate Network Buzz

Top Searches in the Wisegate Community

Top Wisegate Member Discussions

  • Who should the CISO report to?
  • If you had to choose a firewall vendor today, who would you choose? (Comments as to why would also be helpful!)
  • Best practices for Phishing attacks
  • Which IaaS cloud provider are you using (or have considered)...and would you recommend it to others?
  • Is CISA going to be good or bad for security?
  • What type(s) of pen testing does your organization use?
  • Who should be responsible for physical security?
  • Have you leveraged an outside vendor to assist with third party assessments? If so, which one and what was your experience with them?
  • When starting a disaster recovery/business continuity program from scratch, what are some best practices to consider? What is a good starting point?
  • Is it ever acceptable for private organizations to hack back?
  • How are you handling PCI compliance for your voice network?
  • What is the right policy on users storing passwords in their browser?
  • As part of our Customer's RFP process, we are receiving more requests to complete "Vendor Information Risk Assessment's". Have you created a standard response document that can be included as part of your company's response to an RFP?
  • Seeking input on upcoming CISO conference
  • How soon after a breach should you disclose?
  • iPhones allow for up to 5 fingerprints for access to data and applications. How do people feel about the fact that you don't know whose prints those are?
  • Have you migrated from Lync to Skype for Business? If so, how was the experience?

Upcoming Live Research, Roundtables & Events

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Wed, 2/3 What is the right policy on users storing passwords in their browser? | Pulse
Fri, 2/5: Ramping up a Security Program | Workgroup
Wed, 2/10: Should you Use Bug Bounties to Improve Web Security? | Pulse
Fri, 2/12: Peer Practices in Recruitment Strategies
Fri, 2/19: Shop Talk: Fidelis | Roundtable

Wisegate in the News

CISOs Learn 5 Tough Lessons About Conveying Security Risks

Stacy Collett, CSO contributor, had the opportunity to interview Wisegate members along with Wisegate's VP and editor-in-chief, Elden Nelson to discuss tough lessons that CISOs face when presenting risks and solutions to the board and to C-Suite executives. The article has appeared in other IDG publications including CIO and NetworkWorld.

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A Revolution Will Happen: IAM Proprietary vs. Cloud

Kevin Townsend shares an analysis of Wisegate's peer-driven research in Information Security Buzz. The article discusses insights and thoughts on the current state of IAM maturity within business.

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Out of Your Control: Phishing Detection and Prevention

Recently Wisegate held a roundtable discussion on the topic of phishing. Kevin Townsend provides insight to Information Security Buzz on what Wisegate's members have to say about user awareness and improved technology to successfully detect and prevent phishing.

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