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New Wisegate Member-Based Research

Have you seen the Wisegate latest toolkits? Don't miss out on getting IT tips and resources inspired by Wisegate members—from learning how to successfully communicate risks to the C-suite and gaining perspective about the evolution of IT security as an industry, these resources can help IT pros get quick answers for their careers and company challenges.

Security Analysis Template

Wisegate members often discuss the challenges of presenting information to the C-Suite. For many IT and security professionals, sharing insights into their respective department can be daunting. However, there is one medium that is commonly understood by both parties: graphics.

In a recent roundtable discussion, one Wisegate member shared a color-coded, security analysis template to help facilitate a conversation concerning an organizations' cybersecurity status. The simple checklist can easily be tweaked and changed based on your organization's needs.

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Wisegate Keeps IT Pros in the Know: Office 365

For the past four months, Office 365 has maintained its position on the hot topic leaderboard — but what happens after the search and what types of tools are assisting Wisegate members in solving their pressing issues regarding Office 365?

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Priming New Security Talent for Leadership Roles

In This Cybersecurity Skills Shortage, Learn to Train New Talent

IT and security professionals are increasingly faced with challenges resulting from an industry-wide cyber security skills shortage. It's difficult to find and extensively train new candidates, who often arrive with a wide variety of backgrounds and skills. Business, and your team, need the talent now so your team can remain focused on threats.
In a recent roundtable, Wisegate members offered personal anecdotes of how they successfully selected and trained new talent. In Wisegate's latest toolkit, "Priming New Security Talent for Leadership Roles," you can learn:

  • To identify students at local colleges and universities for internships and future careers
  • Tips for working with new talent
  • Finding the right mentee for your company, and more.
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From Our Blog

Growth, Giving and Glee — This year has been quite a journey for the Wisegate team and our members. We were fortunate to have welcomed many new vetted professionals who recently joined our community and are incredibly thankful for those who continued to participate in the Wisegate conversation, helping us add value, advice, and important experience to the collaborative IT knowledge sharing service we feel so privileged to provide.

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This Cybersecurity Status Template Helps You Speak C-Suite Language — Recently, Wisegate hosted a roundtable of senior-level IT and security professionals where one member shared a graphic he created to help communicate an organization's cybersecurity status to business leaders. The security analysis template is an Excel-based matrix, which in concept is simple, but has multiple possibilities to fit the need of an organization.

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Experience a Vetted Peer Networking Service — We understand IT and security professionals' time (and budgets) must be allocated in the most efficient way possible. We strive to provide resources that are cognizant of your valuable time, so you can find what you need and feel confident tackling challenges.

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Wisegate Member of 2015

We recorded six Member Q&A videos with Wisegate members this past year, and this month we wanted to feature our most popular of the year.

Chris Kellog

Director of Controls, Governance, Risk Management, DynCorp International LLC

Learn how a Wisegate member sees Wisegate's role in the evolution of information security and IT advisory services.

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Wisegate Network Buzz

Top Searches in the Wisegate Community

Top Wisegate Member Discussions

  • Wisegate Pulse: Who should the CISO report to?
  • If you had to choose a firewall vendor today, who would you choose? (Comments as to why would also be helpful!)
  • What type(s) of pen testing does your organization use?
  • Wisegate Pulse: Is CISA going to be good or bad for security?
  • Best practices for Phishing attacks
  • Have you leveraged an outside vendor to assist with third party assessments? If so, which one and what was your experience with them?
  • What next-generation firewall are you using today? I'm also interested in knowing what factors led you to choose that solution.
  • Does anyone have a documented Windows10 security standard configuration or security recommendations they would like to share?
  • Is anybody blocking entire countries from accessing their websites, etc.? I understand the futility of this approach but have an executive management request and am curious if anybody actually does it.
  • Tool to map AD dependencies?
  • If you were asked to write a cyber security (or information security) performance management goal for your CIO and CEO, what are the key points you would include? Examples might be results of key objectives or projects.
  • How are you handling PCI compliance for your voice network?
  • Is it ever acceptable for private organizations to hack back?
  • When pushing increased end user security, how do you approach testers and developers who have to install applications under test? It's difficult to take away admin rights, but still allow them to install test applications. Any thoughts?
  • Which information security KPI's or KRI's have you successfully mapped to business enablement, operational efficiency, or other value delivery at your organization?

Upcoming Live Research, Roundtables & Events

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Fri, Jan 8: Cloud Vendor Comparisons | Pulse
Fri, Jan 15: Innovations in Security | Roundtable
Fri, Jan 29: Transforming IT into an ITIL Model | Roundtable

Wisegate in the News

Wisegate Launches Wide Variety of Digital Formats for IT Research and Events to Accommodate Changing IT Member Needs

In recent news, Wisegate announces the debut of the member-inspired digital content to assist their growing community. The news shares insight into Wisegate members’ exclusive access to a digital magazine, roundtable wrap-ups, podcasts, polls, and more. This news was also shared in Texas TechPulse.

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Can collaborative security work?

Wisegate’s founder and CEO Sara Gates shared insights with CSO Online regarding the future of collaboration. The article, also posted in IDG Connect, explains how Wisegate helps IT security professionals take advantage of the speed of information in a collaborative setting -- from issue to discussion to solution.

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Member Stories

We love hearing feedback on how Wisegate is helping you and how we can improve. Here's a story we heard recently about how Wisegate helps you anticipate business challenges:


A Wisegate member held a belief that a trend was unfolding for the role of the CISO, but didn't have the data for back up in presenting a case to his organization. By vetting the hypothesis with a question and posting it to the member base, he was able to get feedback and move forward with his predictions. His hypothesis preceded a member poll, which provided validated data, and equipped him to make a strong case to management. The trustworthy data helped support his assertion and he was awarded with a promotion and greater responsibility.

Have a story to share? Let us know!

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