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Geek Speak for the C-Suite: A Guide for Effectively Communicating Security Risks to the Board
It’s many IT professionals’ dreaded task—explaining security risks to Business management. Senior executives may understand risk well; they just don’t always understand the geek-speak that we use when we talk to them about these risks. Wisegate’s “Geek Speak for the C-Suite” kit contains a list of steps IT professionals should consider in order to help communicate confidently with the C-Suite.

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What Does Information Security Have In Common With Eastern Air Lines Flight 401?
Drawing comparisons to the tragic Florida Everglades crash of Flight 401, Zinaich discusses the "nearly imperceptible descent" of information security. In this seven-part series, exclusively published on Security-Today.com, Zinaich explores the recent birth of the information security world, including challenges and obstacles CIOs continue to face.

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Top Wisegate Member Discussions

  • Tools for Researching a URL
  • What are your timeline SLAs for deployment of security patches?
  • With phishing attacks on the rise, how do you identify whether the email was authored internally or externally?
  • We're looking to migrate away from Blackberrys for our end users. We are considering Samsung Galaxy S5 with Knox or IPhones. Which one would be the most secure?
  • What do you guys use for security awareness training, if you don't have an on-premise Learning Management System? Please also provide your comments based on the vendor's capability in providing additional material, doing phishing campaigns etc..
  • What are your thoughts on McAfee's Next Gen Firewall and IPS. How does it compare to Palo Alto, SourceFire and CheckPoint?
  • How are you managing patches, particularly in high-availability environments?
  • What security architecture framework have you adopted?
  • For vulnerability assessments for 50 to 200 nodes, what approach do you recommend? Would you recommend an automated solution, in house software packages or a service?
  • What tools are you using to track and report on compliance and remediation issues? What has been your experience with them?
  • What sort of approach are you taking when devising a cloud security strategy?
  • What would you recommend as a tool to track user access on various systems and applications?
  • What tools does your organization use to report on the various applications installed on workstations?
  • Do you have a sample risk acceptance memo you are willing to share?
  • Information Security Budget
1.) What is your information security budget?
2.) What percent of the organizational budget does this number represent?
3.) Is the budget a security budget or a component of the IT budget?
  • Aside from your Board of Directors, do you have any voluntary (i.e. not regulatory) external oversight of your Information Security program? For example, a key consulting firm advising you related to priority of roadmap items, emerging risk, etc?
  • What tools can we use to restrict dictionary words from being used in a password in Active Directory?
  • I'm looking for a laptop encryption and backup solution that is easy roll out, implement, and maintain on a limited budget. What solutions would you recommend?
Live Research — Live, interactive calls covering Infosec & IT issues and peer discussions

August Wisegate Live Research (membership required)

  • 8/26/15: Workgroup -- Malicious Insiders
  • 8/27/15: Member Call -- Business Intelligence Primer
  • 8/28/15: Roundtable -- Shop Talk – DLP

Upcoming Live Research (membership required)

  • 9/8/15: Member Call -- Incident Response
  • 9/4 – 10/9/15 (each Fri): Roundtable -- Office 365 Series
  • 9/30/15: Roundtable --The Identity of Things
  • 10/16/15 – 10/23/15 (each Fri): Roundtable --
    Professionalization of Information Security (two part series)

Critical skills for IT and InfoSec leaders

You've held a technical role in IT or information security (InfoSec) for a number of years, and now you'd like to move into a leadership role. Maybe even become a CIO or CISO. Good for you! There's a need for good people in those roles. Wisegate's Linda Musthaler shares insight from Wisegate's ebook, A CISO Handbook to Effective Leadership & the Art of Influencing People in this Network World article.

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Special Series: Wisegate and Security Today - In this seven-part series exclusively published on Security-Today.com, Wisegate member Martin Zinaich draws comparisons to the tragic Florida Everglades crash of Flight 401 to illustrate the "nearly imperceptible descent" of information security, and explore the recent birth of the information security world. Visit our blog to view all seven articles on Security-Today.com. Also, check out Martin's complete report above.
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Recruiting Talent for IT & Security - Recruiting can be difficult in any industry, but in IT and security, picking the wrong person for the job can cost money, reduce productivity and create risks for business. During one of Wisegate's roundtables, senior-level IT and security professionals discussed best practices and tips for recruiting talent.
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More From our Blog

We love hearing feedback on how Wisegate is helping you and how it can get better. Here's a story we heard recently about how Wisegate provides talent management advice:


Service Organization Controls (SOC) 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3 are assurance reports for internal controls beyond financial data and are driven by an increasing popularity of outsourcing business processes to service organizations. Many of these third party service organizations include cloud data storage and computing providers, which causes heightened concerns around confidentiality, privacy, security, availability and processing integrity. One member was able to fast track implementation of AICPA (American Institute of CPAs) SOC 2 requirements.

This member had the SOC 1 under their belt, but needed a faster way to learn about and apply the SOC 2 requirements to their organization and meet a compliance deadline. Through Wisegate, this member connected one on one with another member, who led SOC 1, 2 and 3 PCI assessments for their organization. Through that call the member learned:

  • About the policies
  • Monitoring and communication requirements
  • What was required to be deemed SOC 2 compliant
  • Guidelines for prioritizing requirement implementation
  • How much money, time and effort the other company spent for their assessments, which was useful for budgeting
  • Applicable insights and best practices.

Have a story or feedback you'd like to share with us? Let us know!
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