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Malware & Data Breaches: Combatting the Biggest Threat
In a recent study regarding the current state of security risks and controls in business today, Wisegate uncovered an enlightening fact: CISOs consider malware and sensitive data breaches to be their top risk. Thanks to BYOD and cloud adoption, there's no way to keep all data in a controlled environment, so CISOs have turned from pure prevention methods to including "detection" as a key initiative. Learn what they are doing and why in this Wisegate Drill-Down report.

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Data-centric Security: Using Information Protection and Control (IPC) Tools to Protect the Data
Wisegate recently conducted a research initiative to assess the current state of security risks and controls in business today. It was instantly clear that the job has changed: With BYOD and cloud adoption causing CISOs to hand off infrastructure control, the name of the game is now using IPC tools to defend the data. Learn about CISOs' current focus on data leak prevention and encryption in this Wisegate Drill-Down report.

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Automation and Orchestration: Harnessing Threat Intelligence for Better Incident Response
Wisegate recently conducted a research initiative regarding security risks and controls in business today. They quickly found that, given the current landscape of less secure BYOD and cloud adoption, incident response is the new must-have. A need for better intelligence on the matter is necessary, and many are looking to a future with more automated and orchestrated response to threat intelligence. In this Wisegate Drill-Down report, learn about APIs and new types of staff that current CISOs think will make this shift possible.

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Infographic: BYOD Policy: Best Practices & Tips
In a recent Wisegate roundtable, CISOs evaluated BYOD not as the new normal, but as a pathway to a fully mobile workplace. They spoke of a world where devices are merely consumers of data – not vaults for storing it. But to get there, many issues must be addressed. Review the roundtable recap in Wisegate's insight-filled, purpose-built infographic that helps leading CISOs stay on top of IT trends, from mobile device management to privacy issues, legal counsel and more.

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Your First 90 Days: An IT and Infosec Onboarding Toolkit
You've been in that fishbowl before — all eyes on you. How do you make the most of your fresh start as you lead security, innovate your department, and build cross-department respect?

Wisegate's "Your First 90 Days: An IT and Infosec Leader Onboarding Kit" offers member insights, leader polls, survey results, and helpful tips, including:
  • Building strong relationships quickly
  • Aligning with the right contingent
  • Embracing corporate culture, and more.
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Live Research — Live, interactive calls covering IT issues and peer discussions

Wisegate Unbolted Meet-ups – Metrics & Reporting – A Failure in Communication
Charlotte, N.C.
Tuesday, April 28, 2015
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Washington D.C.
Wednesday, April 29, 2015
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April Wisegate Live Research Roundtables (membership required)

  • How to Develop an IT Security Strategy
  • Deep-Diving into Spear Phishing
  • Financial Services Roundtable: PCI DSS – What You Need to Know
  • Automation and Role-Based Provisioning

May Wisegate Live Research Roundtables (membership required)

  • The State of IAM Maturity: 2015 Edition - Friday, May 15, 2015
  • Using Contracts in Vendor Risk Management - Friday, May 22, 2015
  • PCI Reducing your Footprint - Wednesday, May 27, 2015
  • Security Analysis Matrix - Friday, May 29, 2015

Internet2 Global Summit
Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Community Showcase: Collaborative Knowledge Sharing Networks
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eMerge Americas
May 1-5, 2015
Miami, Florida
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Educause Security Professionals Conference
May 4-6, 2015
What's Driving Security Programs
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BYOD and Cloud Are Top Data Breaches and Malware Risks, Survey Shows

Earlier this year, we shared with CSO readers that a lack of security metrics and reporting was undermining IT security programs. Now, we'll take a look at what those top security risks are. With the influx of personal devices in the workplace and the unprecedented risk of data breach and malware, tightening IT security at a company can seem like a daunting task. Just how difficult of a task is it? What are the biggest security risks and what are the top minds in IT considering to combat them?

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Google Glass Could Still Have a Future in Education and Healthcare

A conversation about Google Glass sparked an interesting debate among Wisegate members — is Google Glass dead? Wisegate Editor-in-Chief Elden Nelson shares insights from Wisegate's senior IT leaders in InfoSecurity Magazine about how Google Glass does still have a future in education and healthcare. Find out how educators and medical professionals may see Google Glass in their future.

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Wisegate partners with InfoSec World
Press Release
Wisegate announced a partnership with the MIS Training Institute at InfoSec World Conference and Expo, which took place March 23 – 25 in Orlando, Florida. As an InfoSec World Conference World Media Sponsor, Wisegate shared research on the latest trends in IT. Find out more about this partnership by reading the full press release!

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Valuable Shared Resources: Trustworthy Trending Data - At Wisegate, our members drive us to be the best organization. Whether they're contributing insight to roundtables, answering relevant polls, or sharing…
Wisegate takes on SXSWi 2015 - Wisegate had the opportunity to host an official SXSW Meet up where we got to know IT professionals and discuss hot IT industry trends. Check out our SXSW blog post to view the event's photo gallery and gain insight on what the attendees experienced.
#Wisegate Tweetchat - Wisegate hosted our first Tweetchat on March 24 and discussed infosecurity with Wisegate member CISO Nikk Gilbert and Wisegate Director Zack Gonzales. Missed the Tweetchat? You can access the full transcript on Storify by clicking the link below.

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Nikk Gilbert
CISO/Security Industry Expert

We invited Nikk to visit the Wisegate offices and tell us about his experience with Wisegate. See what he had to say in his Q&A session.

See What Other Members Have to Say
We love hearing feedback on how Wisegate is helping IT professionals like you. Here's a story we heard recently:


A Wisegate member was tasked by his CEO to implement bring your own device (BYOD) security policies to allow employee-owned mobile devices on the corporate network. His personal Wisegate concierge posted questions and polls about BYOD to get answers from other members and followed up with a Wisegate Roundtable to dig deeper with members on BYOD experiences and policies. With information from question/poll answers along with a phone call, the member was able to write his BYOD policy, pick a vendor (skipping an expensive POC), and save his company seven months of work, and thousands of dollars. The curated content that resulted from this member's research is now available for members to bookmark and save within their their Wisegate Collections, a feature that allows members to collect, organize, archive and share Wisegate knowledge and content, as well as resources from around the web.
Wisegate connects peers, hosts virtual roundtables, and produces and analyzes customized research, surveys, and more, offering IT leaders the quickest path to answers and decisions. With Wisegate, IT leaders create and implement tried-and-true strategies, ramp up programs, select technologies, manage teams and achieve their goals – at a fraction of the cost.

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