Know When To Let Go – Or Hold On

Jul 15, 2014
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Sara GatesWhen fear, anxiety or frustration gets the best of us, sometimes it’s best to make a decision based on your gut reaction: whatever your instincts tell you to do, do the opposite.

Sara Gates, CEO and founder of Wisegate finds that far too often leaders tend to stick with their gut-feeling when reacting to uncomfortable situations, limiting their exposure to great ideas and the opportunity for personal and professional growth. When your gut is to keep a tight grip and push toward a fixed outcome in your head, usually the best possible reaction is to loosen your grip and let go. Conversely, when your instincts tell you to cower away from an uncomfortable situation, consider hanging in there and facing the problem head-on.

In her personal IT blog, Sara Gates shares insightful advice on how to recognize your fight-or-flight instinct and stop it dead in its tracks. She shares personal stories about challenging times when she had to fight her white-knuckling instincts to hang on when the best thing was for her to let go, and to let go when her instincts told her to hang on.


Recognizing the fight or flight instinct within you is the first step in changing your leadership style. Give it a try and let us know how it works for you on Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.


Listening to IT is a personal blog written by Sara Gates, CEO and founder of Wisegate, that explores the front lines of corporate information technology. Listening to IT digs into the ever-evolving roles and challenges of c-suite executives in an IT world.