New Toolkit: Navigating Cloud Service Challenges


Struggling to Shift to the Cloud? Learn Strategies and Insights

Cloud services have sparked a fundamental shift within companies and industries across the world, especially in the higher education sector. But not all organizations are able to swiftly adopt this new technology. Budget cuts, upgrades, outdated hardware, flexibility, and privacy concerns can swing the conversation back and forth between organizations’ leaders.

In a recent roundtable, Andrew Keating of Internet2 shared advantages of the cloud, as well as common barriers, and how to address them. In Wisegate’s latest toolkit, “Navigating Cloud Service Challenges,” learn:

  • How the cloud can accommodate for burst periods within a university
  • The importance of understanding cloud contracts and conditions
  • Steps to overcome challenges and move your university forward, and more.

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“It’s useful to think about what drives us to cloud services. In IT, we’re used to building and owning the devices, owning the hardware, owning the software. In fact, the entire craft and skill of a lot of IT organizations is predicated upon owning that full stack from the hardware to the software layer, the security, everything that goes with it.

When we think about what drives us to cloud services, this is a fundamental shift and change that has been taking place over the past few years.”

—Andrew Keating


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