CISOs Checklist: Innovative & Practical Ways to Improve Security Awareness

CISOs Checklist: Effective Communication & Influence

Getting employees to understand what corporate information is, and why it must stay within secure corporate resources, can be challenging. It takes significant effort to make sure employees don’t put corporate information where they shouldn’t.

In this report, based on Wisegate-hosted panel discussions, CISOs and other IT Security experts discuss the challenge of training employees on data protection, and share a checklist for improving Security Awareness efforts to help employees more easily understand.

In this report, you’ll find practitioner tips and advice on topics such as:

  • Data classification: keep it simple. How to develop data classification labels that can be understood and followed.
  • Education of staff: keep it going, use the experts. Effective security awareness only follows from a wide-ranging, continuous, imaginative and engaged approach.
  • How to know if your security awareness is working. You may not always like the answers; however, they are surefire ways to assess how it’s going.

Member Quote from the Report:

“Just as some companies go to the legal department for a definition of what needs to be ‘highly sensitive’, many go to the Marketing and Training departments to develop or deliver user awareness campaigns. We didn’t do that in the beginning, and a lot of what we thought people would want was rejected.”
—Wisegate CISO member
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