New Toolkit: BYOD Policy Checklist


10 Clauses You Must Have in Your Company’s BYOD Policy

At Wisegate, we’ve found that BYOD is still a major hot button issue among senior IT professionals. Our members continue to post questions and poll each other to share BYOD insights and shed light on what their respective organizations are doing. While they don’t have all the answers (yet), they have made considerable progress in determining policies and selecting device management products that work for their own organizations.

A Wisegate member and healthcare-industry enterprise security VP shared a BYOD policy template that has been implemented at his company successfully, and from this, we’ve extracted 10 must-have clauses in every BYOD policy.

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“Don’t expect every employee to understand why your company is putting a BYOD policy in place. It might not have even occurred to them that using their personal smartphone or tablet for official company business violates security protocol or compliance regulations. This is your opportunity to fully explain the purpose behind the agreement.”

—Wisegate Member


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