CISOs Checklist: Baking Better Security into Applications

CISOs Checklist: Effective Communication & Influence

Even with its heightened awareness, security still seems to get short-changed during the application development process for many organizations. It is often an afterthought, or bolt-on solution.  This report offers an inside look at how many CISOs and security leaders are instead getting security baked-in from the beginning of the process.

This insider’s view provides specific tips that will help you not only build better security practices into the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), but also advance your image as a business enabler vs. production gatekeeper.

In this report, you’ll find practitioner tips and advice on topics such as:

  • Selling stakeholders on the value of security. Why it’s important to paint a clear picture of security threats tied to business risks, and how to present the cost benefits of baking security in early.
  • Asserting your security influence throughout the SDLC. From project scoping to production, CISOs share strategies they use to increase their authority as business enablers vs. production gatekeepers.
  • Preparing developers for success. Learn how CISOs use resource libraries, training, control frameworks and formal processes to help developers build in the right security controls from the project start.

Member Quote from the Report:

“Look at the existing process and insert yourself in what is already there. This works much better than trying to make your own process and trying to educate people about how to do security. I think that’s really valuable.”
—Director of Security and Risk
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