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Who We Are

A Gated Braintrust of the Wisest in IT
No rookies, no posers, no vendors.

What We Do

Wisegate’s next generation IT advisory service combines advanced social & matching technologies to connect you with senior IT professionals and content so you can quickly tap into their experience and knowledge. And our personal hands-on help delivers the credible expertise and advice that you can put into practice today.

Advanced matching and social algorithms — connect you with experts and answers you need

Private, curated web site with questions, answers, and document sharing — for timely and practical advice

Personalized content — to keep up with the latest and greatest in IT

Mobile app for questions and answers — with you wherever you go

Dedicated member concierge — proactively getting you the answers you need

Who We Help

Senior IT Pros in Charge of…

  • IT Infrastructure
  • Information Security
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Security Architecture
  • Mobile Everything
  • IT Risk Management
  • Data Governance
  • Cloud Implementation & Management
  • Cloud Security
  • Data Center Operations